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Flying fascinates the human being ever since he started watching birds soar. Sharing this fascinating passion with friends and fellow aviation fans is the driver behind gear-up.ch.

I want to share incredible moments aloft with you on a non-profit, non-commercial basis. My profit is your wide smile when you walk off the airport, wishing to come back and fly again as soon as possible.

Get to see Switzerland from above in a way you will probably never forget. No matter if we go for a gentle sightseeing flight or deploy on a air force like aerobatic mission in the Pilatus PC-7: the sky is the limit. Let me be your host, and enjoy every moment in the air! This is your private Swiss aviation adventure.

All sightseeing flights are operated on a pure pleasure, private, non-commercial basis, at net cost price. I don't earn anything with these flights. All aerobatic flights are operated under the rules of Fliegermuseum Altenrhein, where I fly as a pilot on beneficial basis, without salary.

«Fantastic experience, I can't stop smiling. With an unbelievable location!»

Gavin M., June 2020


Sightseeing flights

See the Swiss Alps from above in an orderly manner: blue stays up, earth stays down. On board of a four seat Diamond DA40, all from a 20min intro flight to a pizza lunch stop in southern Switzerland is possible.

Aerobatics "medium-rare"

Want to increase the pace? Enjoy a little spin or turn upside down in a loop? Then an aerobatic flight in the historic Swiss Airforce trainer Pilatus P-3 is the right thing for you. Gentle but fascinating.

Aerobatics air force style

This is aviation's "quarter pounder with cheese": Fly in the famous Pilatus PC-7 Swiss Air Force trainer and enjoy the Alps like never before. Speeds up to 500 km/h and wide jetlike aerobatics is what you'll get in this ride. Wide smiles and a pounding heart are guaranteed. Provided by Fliegermuseum Altenrhein.

Fear of flying training

Meeting someone having a fear of the thing I love most hurts my soul. I have written a paper about fear of flying at the Swiss Institute of Technology, and have brought back the joy of flying to many people since 2010. One or two trainees only, an individual pace and a very special program are key to your success.

Via following links, you will find further information in German. Despite the foreign language, I'm confident that you'll find prices and an idea about the procedure.

If you feel lost in the German part of my website, please do not hesitate to contact me directly via Email or via whatsapp/SMS to +41 78 768 61 70. I am fluent in English and French/Français, and will be glad to help you with offers, prices, explanations and scheduling your flight.

Information about sightseeing flights (in german)

Information about aerobatic flights in the Pilatus PC-7 (in german)

Information about aerobatic flights in the Pilatus P-3 (in german)

Information about fear of flying training (in German)

Your host and pilot

Hi! I'm Markus, an airline pilot and avid aviator who spends most of his free time in the air as well. My passion are sightseeing and aerobatic flights over eastern Switzerland. Ever since I had started flying in 2001, I have taken friends to the skies to show them the amazing landscape of eastern Switzerland from an unrivaled perspective.

Having accumulated more than 12'000 flight hours on sightseeing planes, aerobatic machines, floatplanes and primarily airliners, I currently earn my salary as an Airbus captain (A320 on European network, A340 on the worldwide network) for a well known Swiss holiday airline.

Get in contact with me and ride along on a stunning flight you will never forget!




Please check available flydays on my german homepage,

or inquire directly via Email or whatsapp to +41 78 768 61 70 (my mobile)

New flydays will be added towards the end of each month, as soon as my work schedule has been published.


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c/o Markus Rohrer

Neugrubenstrasse 21

CH-9500 Wil SG


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gear-up.ch is a private, non-commercial, non-profit website offering aviation adventures in eastern Switzerland.

gear-up.ch is no company or legal entity whatsoever.

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